Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Qól have arrived!

Qól Palanquin Set

So, the Qól arrived yesterday - a 50lb box of lovely metal! Woo Hoo! My last post showed off most of the figures. Here are the ones we haven't seen yet:

At the top is a Qól banner bearer, with choice of standard, lantern or censor. All three are supplied with the figure. Next is a Qól sentry on guard duty armed with a halberd. Last is the Qól with a fancy book. The book has a faux Sró-hide cover (just kidding.) 

The palanquin itself consists of two bits: the platform and the chair. The chair has a bracket at the back for a standard to be added it the owner wishes. The side brackets need to be drilled out to accommodation a wire pole. Contrary to my earlier thoughts, we will be supplying wire suitable for this purpose, in the form of 100mm wire pikes. I didn't think I had a ready source, but I have since stumbled onto one quite by accident. Funny how things work out. :-)