Sunday 5 February 2017

Princess Vrísa Vishétru of Saá Allaqi

HA-1 Princess Vrísa Vishétru of Saá Allaqi

Painted by Nadya 'Hope River'

These pictures were sent by a customer who recently asked a professional painter to "work her magic" on our Princess Vrísa figure. The Princess is a player character from Professor Barker's own campaign and is based upon artwork drawn by the player herself: Kathy Marshall.

The painter is Nadya 'Hope River', from Russia. This is her "Display Quality" work and it shows. Note the "living blade"! I love the base also (did you spot the viper yet?) - perfect for display! Myself I am always torn between having something superb for the display cabinet and something I can push around on the table. Of course, for the latter, one doesn't need to pull out all the stops as Nadya has here. :-)

Nadya's blog can be found HERE.

The figure itself is sculpted by John Winter (of TinMan Miniatures fame) and can be found in the Heroes of the Age section of the Tékumel Club.