Friday 2 January 2015

**** 2015 - the Year of Tékumel! ****

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the publication of "The Empire of the Petal Throne" by TSR. The creation of M.A.R. Barker, it had me hooked as soon as I saw it!

2015 - the Year of Tékumel!

As many of you are aware, our catalogue has a lot of holes in it in the form of "Not Available" or "Coming Soon" figures. It is my intent to bring all those into production during 2015. The model I intend to use is the same sale that I did with the Sapphire Kirtle figures. That is, 50% off to non-members and 60% off to members. But, as you know, that didn't go so well with some "technical difficulties" - to put it nicely - throwing a spanner in the works, so to speak. So - the first step is to get that situation resolved. This I hope to do early this month. Note that some of the figures damaged will take longer to repair as they actually have to be repaired by the sculptor but the majority of the figures can be fixed up fairly easily.

Once I have clean castings on hand I will put that that initial sale on again for any newcomers and send out the shipments to those who have been so patiently waiting. Once this is resolved to everybody's satisfaction I intend to offer the Shen for the same sale price. And following that, the intent is to work through the backlog of Yan Koryani until all of our old figures plus all those un-released figures are in production.

Note that we also have new figures in production. The sculpting of the Legion of the Red Devastation is well advanced and the casting for the initial Swamp Folk figures is under way. Note that I will not be able to put the Swamp Folk on for the same sort of sale as the others just because the production is so onerous.

Anyhow, those are the plans as they stand now. Comments and suggestions welcome, as always.

Best Regards and Happy New Years,

Howard Fielding
The Tekumel Project