Sunday 31 July 2011

Love the New Look!

Of the Tekumel site forums, that is! Check out the new - Reader Friendly - Forums right HERE!

Saturday 30 July 2011

Summer Catalogue

Been working on a PDF catalogue. Almost done, only now my mouse is acting up for some reason. Grrr...

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Lady Mríssa Officer


Work-in-progress sculpt by John Winter. Pretty Cool, huh?!

Monday 18 July 2011


Here's the thing. I really feel bad about how long some people have been waiting for their stuff. Now it is all here - resin beasties, Hlaka, character vignettes, the whole lot. I just gotta figure out who ordered what, and who has paid and who needs an invoice and then we're all set.

And the Posties are back at work so it's all good. I just have to figure out the rates.

But I think it's been taking too long to do all that. So here's the thing:

I'm thinking of going with a flat shipping rate regardless of order size. Something like: $5 Canada, $10 US and $15 International.

Of course, if actual is less then one would pay less.


Sunday 17 July 2011

Back Again...

Sorry for the silence since returning from the con, but I am taking this "distant learning" GIS course and I have an online Quiz I have to complete before 11PM today. I'll do a proper post once I've finished my readings and done the Quiz.

Bye, Again...

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Historicon 2011

We are leaving for Historicon at 8AM tomorrow, returning Sunday sometime. I will be off line until that time, rolling dice and having fun! :-)