Wednesday 25 December 2019

Dricheans for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago?

Some Yan Koryani
Painted by Akarsh

I was disappointed when North Star cancelled (or put on hold?) the plastic box of Dricheans, the Bronze Age city state faction from Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago. The reason being that, as a Tekumel gamer, I am constantly looking for Proxies to add to my armies! 

The other day, however, a friend of mine showed me that sometimes the shoe is on the other foot. He said: "Your Tekumel figures would make good Dricheans!" And I thought, you know, I think he might be onto something! But you guys be the judge...

The Legion of Ever-Present Glory
Painted by Akarsh

The Yan Kor gurek of Tleku Miriya 1
From Donald Hauser's collection

The Legion of Serqu, Sword of the Empire
From Donald Hauser's collection

More Serqu...
Painted by Mike Lung
IIRC the road model is available as a card model online.

From Chirene's collection

Prince Eselne's Army

The Forces of the Usurper
A Tsolyani Civil War battle...

The Aridani Legion of Lady Mrissa
Mike Lung's collection

The Generic Fantasy shields on plastic Lybians
Mike Lung's collection

The Legion of Lord of the Red Devastation
Mike Lung's collection

Tsolyani shields (some limited quantities on hand)

Shen shields (lots on hand)

A Priestess?

Tleku Miriya shields 1 & 2

Tleku Miriya Crossbow accessories, inc Pavise

Valiant of Ke'er shield (ltd qty)

Showing three helmet styles: 
crested and two plumed versions

Scale armoured with spears

Scale armoured pikes or halberds

2-handed sword, axe or mace

Female pikes (cuirass)

Valiant of Ke'er banner

Male pikes (cuirass)

Cuirass - overhand cut or thrust

cuirass  - underhand cut or thrust

cuirass - archers

girl slingers

General Kettukal

Priest and Priestess

Witch or Shamaness

Cuirass with pikes

Sokatis City Watch

Makhis Longbows

Lady Mrissa's officers

Lady Mrissa's troopers

Lady Mrissa herself

Prince Eselne
Painted by Roy Duffy

The Lady Deq Dimani

Princess Vrisa

Dharu and Vanu - swords, bows and crossbows

Dharu and Vanu - halberds (limited stock)

Shen shields (Again)

Generic Fantasy shields

What does this all mean?

I gather Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago uses fairly small forces. Which is good b/c some of the accessories I have in only limited quantities (i.e some of the shields, and some figure poses).

I am currently offering a sale >>> HERE <<< which I have extended until the 19th of January.

Basically, almost everything in the Tekumel Project range is 40% off - just like a Tekumel Club member. Not the DAD 3D printed figures.

I normally sell in packages of 10 for $40 CAD ($24 CAD after Tekumel Club discount).

I can put together custom Drichean packs to your specification: choose the body and shield design - and I'll add the accessories like helmet plumes or sidearms, where appropriate. So 10 custom figures for $2.40 CAD each.

Email me at: green27 -at- sympatico -dot- ca to begin.

And, I hope you are having a happy holidays and that this will help to start 2020 off right! :-)