Thursday 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas - and Best of the Festive Season to everyone! :-)

I know it's already Christmas for some, and for me it will be tomorrow. Stay Safe and go easy on the Egg Nog. :-)

Best Regards,

Howard Fielding
The Tekumel Project

Sunday 20 December 2009

Fight On! - Issue #7

I can't remember if I mentioned this, but Fight On! No.7 has been released after a slight delay:

Fight On!

This issue is dedicated to Professor Barker and features a number of Tekumel scenarios and articles. This is a great little mag. I bought the print copy and it took about a week to arrive.

Saturday 19 December 2009

Band of Joyous Heroes Update

Work is continuing, slowed slightly by the upcoming releases, the pending holidays, and my dog taking sick. I have sent out a newly updated version of the Human reaction tests. I've also started on a Gazetteer section for the book. I hope to do some work on the non-combat challenges tomorrow and Bill Acheson has spurred me to do something about the missing "Unarmed Combat" section...

I plan on returning to the Battle of Ry serialization tomorrow as well.

Minor Maintenance

Some may have noticed that I've been tinkering with the blog content slightly:

I've added links to two of the main Tekumel Yahoogroups, one for role-playing, and the other for wargaming. I've also added a link to the Tekumel Forums on the main Tekumel site (sadly under-utilized). Lastly, I added a link to the Empire of the Petal Throne section of the Original D&D Discussion Forums.

Look to the right column for all these links.

Sunday 13 December 2009

On their way...

Shen Officer

The latest figures - the Hlaka and Shen - are now completed and will be shipped off to Eureka Miniatures in Australia. There they will go into Eureka's production queue. Masters and production molds still need to be made, samples painted for the web site and some sort of blurb written. No ETA on any of that, as of yet.

The figures consist of:


1) Officer - lightning sword, shield;
2) Musician with drum - axe-sword;
3) Standard bearer - axe-sword;
4) Halberd/Pike 1 - axe-sword, halberd;
5) Halberd/Pike 2 - axe-sword, halberd;
Note: one of these figures (4/5) also gets a pistol x-bow and quiver;
6) Axe-sword 1 - axe-sword, shield;
7) Axe-sword 2 - axe-sword, shield;
Note: one of these figures (6/7) also gets a pistol x-bow and quiver;
8) Pistol Crossbow - axe-sword, pistol x-bow and quiver;
9) Berserker - axe-sword, shield;
10) Unarmoured Shen 1 w. staff - knobkerrie;
11) Unarmoured Shen 2 attacking - knobkerrie;
12) Diplomat/Official in cloak;
13) Unarmoured Shen 3 - Merchant;
14) Unarmoured Shen 4 - knobkerrie.

Shen Diplomat/Official


1) Hlaka Leader;
2) Hlaka w. fire pot;
3) Hlaka w. javelins;
4) Flying Hlaka w. fire pot;
5) Flying Hlaka w. javelins;
6) Hlaka - Imperial Messenger;
7) Prince Eselne w. message.

Imperial Messenger (sans wings)

Prince Eselné

Work on the Ahoggya to start soon.

Typical Ahoggya

Best Regards,

Howard Fielding
The Tekumel Project

Tuesday 8 December 2009

May I Present: The Hlaka...

Hlaka Leader

Typical Hlaka Trooper

The Hlaka are another non-human species than came to Tekumel in the distant past and suffered the same fate as Humanity when the system was shunted into its own little "pocket dimension". They tend to be skittish but do leave their aeries to the NE of Tsolyanu to serve as mercenaries in many of the armies of the Five Empires - all in fact but Livyanu, which is just too far away.

These figures represent the Hlaka leader and a flying Hlaka, skirmishing or acting as a scout - armed with javelins. The gigantic thumb in the first picture gives you an idea of the huge size of our sculptor - he moonlights at Hogwarts! ;-)

Wednesday 2 December 2009

First Look at the Shen...

Shen Standard Bearer

The lands of the Shen are away to the hot south near Tekumel's equator. These comprise the Empire of Shenyu and several smaller nations from opposing egg groups. The Shen are a reptilian race originally from Antares; they are generally friendly towards mankind and often serve as mercenaries abroad. Each of the Five Empires has at least one unit of Shen mercenaries on the rolls.