Sunday 30 August 2009

A Band of Joyous Heroes

What is it? I've been calling it a Tabletop Adventure Game. And that's what it is: it isn't exactly a roleplaying game, but neither is it strictly a wargame, though skirmish wargaming comes pretty close. It is in the same school of games as Rattrap Productions "Pulp '45", "Gloire" or "Fantastic Worlds", or Howard Whitehouse's "Astounding Tales". It's played with figures on a tabletop. Typically one scenario per evening, or maybe a couple in an evening if they are short. Each scenario represents part of a linked series of games, together forming the overall adventure which itself is generally part of an ongoing campaign. At least, that is how we run our Fantastic Worlds games up here in Kingston.

So - what is it? A Band of Joyous Heroes is my attempt to do the same thing, but on Tekumel. It is currently a draft - I'm calling the latest version the 45% draft - which is far advanced on the version I inflicted on some people last week. (Out of the blue, mostly, as well - apologies for that guys.) Since then I have revised the combat somewhat, added poison rules, and added the talents and flaws (special attributes) used to flesh out the characters. Currently working on the Challenge rules, which along with Combat make up a large part of the game. I've also been working on magic. I think I know how it will work - I'm just not sure how many spells I can fit into a 60 page book - that is a 60-page book that isn't 60 pages of magic!

Anyway, that is what is going on - if anyone is wondering.

The Hlaka, Shen and Ahoggya are still in the sculptor's queue, but will hopefully get worked on soon. I'll keep you posted.