Sunday 30 December 2012

Down But Not Out...

I have had a lingering cold now for almost two weeks and I just can't seem to shake it. It is leaving me so exhausted that I am beginning to wonder if I have mono!

Otherwise, not much to report. Between the holidays and the weather and the cold I haven't been in work much for over a week, which is good in that I have been able to lie down in the afternoons. The side benefit has been that I have been able to link up with Terry at Old Glory and finalize our Qól order - 50 sets of everything. (Yes, that means 50 palanquins - so that stock should last us a while!) This was just before Christmas so presumably this underway though I haven't had an invoice yet.

Things have been otherwise quite. All our sculptors are no doubt enjoying the holidays with family and friends (as they well deserve) so I won't start pestering them again until sometime in January. I've been thinking about commissioning the N'lüss and Lorún in the New Year. According to the Professor the Lorún are related to the N'lüss though perhaps not with the height extremes. I've just been doing some calculations and the way I work it out (keeping in mind 18mm = 1 scale meter) the females should stand about 33mm to top of head (if 6 foot tall, as implied by the Lorún Princess in the Blue Solo book) and the males anywhere from that up to 42mm for the tallest N'lüss (7'6" as quoted in the Sourcebook.)

My thinking is that the Lorún are not quite as tall as the N'lüss - and anyway, the 7'6" height is not stated to be the average, but rather the upper limit. The intent is to get the females done to the 33mm measurement and the males 33-35mm. The N'lüss females would be 33mm as well but the males would be 35-42mm, with the lesser warriors being at the lower end of the scale.

The typical N'lüss is that warrior with the two-handed sword, but as we know from the sourcebook and the Seal of the Imperium magazine article, that image really encapsulates the cream of the N'lüss and not the whole warrior society.

Anyways, that is what I have been up to. Hope everybody has had a safe and happy holidays.

Best Regards,


Sunday 2 December 2012

Better Pics Added...

Jeff primed the samples and has sent some new pictures. NOW we can see the detail!

Note that the arms for the Swamp Folk with the 2-handed axe are separate, they just fit so well they sit in place without any glue. 

Saturday 1 December 2012

Some Preview Figures...

Swamp Folk, sculpted by Ian Mountain

Jeff has sent me some test castings of our up-coming Swamp Folk and Tinalíya figures! Yay!

Here are the Tinalíya, sculpted by Faron Betchley. The arms are being cast separately in metal so as to be more easily pose-able.  The limbs of the Tinalíya are like little globes making them essentially miniature alien Michelin Men. With metal arms they player will be able to bend them to suit...

Tinalíya (L-to-R: Soldier, Civilian, Soldier and Noble/Sorcerer)

The Swamp Folk consist of two armed marines and a civilian. The intent is to get some more variants done: an armoured chieftain, some more marines with boat hooks and axes and perhaps a civilian with a staff. 

Swamp Folk

I also have an idea to do some semi-submerged for amphibious operations...

Resin castings by Jeff Trnka of JTFM. The Tinalíya arms will be cast by RAFM.

Update: Jeff has just reminded me axe wielding figure is in two pieces - the weapon and arms are a separate piece from the body.