Saturday 11 September 2010

How about this?

Again with the Mystery Figures

Know what they are yet? :-)

Thursday 9 September 2010

Hmmm, what could this be?

Mystery Figures

These are filed under the heading "Pics John Has Sent Me" - what could they be for? ;-)

Monday 6 September 2010


After another long break, I've done a tiny bit of editing on the blog, adding a link down the right hand side to, wherein lies a little preview page from Eureka's "Armies and Enemies of the Petal Throne" range.


Chronofus previews quite a bit of Eureka's stuff, but I am linking directly to the Tekumel stuff. While his pages do not show all our figures, some might find them useful as the pictures are closeups. His most recent update shows the Hlaka release, including the Prince Eselne and the Imperial Messenger vignette.