Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" ~ Smiley

New stuff in SHOP >>> Dharu and Vanu figures!

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Merry Christmas 2018!

Smiley is back to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! :-)

Enjoy the Holidays!

Monday, 5 November 2018

Dharu and Vanu Orders Open - PLEASE PRE-ORDER.

Dharu and Vanu greens (on left)

The figures shown above, representing male and female fighters from the cities of Dharu and Vanu in Northern Yan Kor have finally been moulded and are ready for production. Command are still being worked on, but the following are available to pre-order:

The Gurék of the Clan of the Red and Green Banner of Dháru
AE-YK   35   Horde (MI Halberds)   $40 CAD
AE-YK   37   Horde (Crossbows)   $40 CAD
The Gurék of the City of Vánu
AE-YK   40   Horde (HI Halberds)   $40 CAD
AE-YK   42   Horde (MI Sword and Javelin)   $40 CAD
AE-YK   44   Horde (Bows)   $40 CAD

Tekumel Club discounts apply, of course.

As always, a Horde will consist of a mix of 10 figures, either swordsmen, halberdiers, archers or with crossbows. Note that there are male and female poses. I usually do 2/3rds male, 1/3 female but can vary an order to suit.

I still have to pay for the moulding and casting - Master moulds and figures, Production moulds, inc. weapons, accessories (scabbards, quivers), and shields. And I have to pay for any castings ordered. The sculpting costs were paid long ago, thankfully.

An Appeal for Pre-Orders:

Please pre-order these now, or soon, if you are interested. 

I should have some castings on hand by the weekend and more coming by mail shortly thereafter. But I won't be able to order many castings without pre-orders, not right away at least.

Thank You!

Howard Fielding

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Postal Strike Pending!

Our Posties have voted over 90% in favour of strike action in light of Management's refusal to pay the rural and urban letter-carriers equally.

I support this strike despite the disruption it will bring. 

The rural drivers (who are mostly women) get paid by the mile whereas the urban letter-carriers (mostly male) get paid hourly. It works out that the rural letter-carriers get a lower hourly wage. Why? I don't see how the Management can be arguing against this. It seems the easiest thing in the world to fix: just pay them a fair wage. 

If they are worried about the impact to the budget, there is an easy solution: start cutting the executive salaries. About 50% should more than take care of all Canada Post's woes. Canada Post has been poorly run for over 40 years; are they ever going to attempt to do things better?

Friday, 24 August 2018

Dark Fable: The Return of Cleopatra

Dark Fable has launched their latest Kickstarter: The Return of Cleopatra.

With this new kickstarter, Dark Fable will have over 60 sets of Sword and Sandal goodness for you to put on the tabletop! Below are some of what is coming in this campaign, and some of what has come before. If you want to see more I suggest you check out Dark Fable's site and the kickstarter link above.

Why am I posting this here, on the Tekumel Project blog? Because the Dark Fable miniatures are perfect as proxy figures for Tekumel games. By investing in Dark Fable I am investing in my Tekumel games! :-)

Tomb Guardians

PCs or NPCs, you tell me! Is that a Thumis priest on the right?

Priests of Qon, on a mission...
just paint them as if wearing masks...

Tomb Raiders

Aridani Archers

Temple Guards, Town Garrison, or Sakbe Road Guards

Priests or Temple Guards: Thumis, Hnalla and perhaps others


I highly recommend checking out what Dark Fable has to offer!

Monday, 25 June 2018

One Hundred and Fifty First!

Next Sunday will be Canada's one hundred and fifty-first birthday and to celebrate the event I am making permanent a change I tried earlier this year. Namely, that the prices on Tekumel Project figures are now be stated in Canadian Dollars.

Note that the prices have not changed - just read CAD instead of USD.

And the prices for David Allan Designs will still be USD. This is because I have to import them.

Otherwise customers in countries with a good exchange rate will enjoy a nice savings, and my Canadian customers will finally stop being penalized.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Yán Koryáni Dollies

Sculpted by Allan Marsh

Here are some of the Yán Koryáni dollies that were prepared to facilitate the production of all the figure variants. 

There are six basic pose types, based on armour type, weapon and attack mode. They are: Medium Infantry (MI) 2-handed weapon (ie. pike or halberd), Heavy Infantry (HI) 2-handed weapon, HI 1-handed thrusting (ie. spear, held under-arm). MI 1-handed thrusting, MI 1-handed cutting (ie. over-arm cutting or thrusting with spear or hand weapon), and MI 2-handed sword (inc mace or flail).

There are two male poses, differentiated primarily by the position of the legs, and one female pose (on the right) for each category. 

The so-called "Medium" armour is a chlen-hide cuirass, while scale is used to denote the "Heavy" armour. The way the Professor described the armours it is quite possible to have lighter or heavier versions of either type. He told me that the Yán Koryáni formations should be irregular; armour might be new or handed down by generations of warriors. It was to try to achieve this look - in an affordable manner - that we chose to use the helmet variants that we have. So, one could mix-and-match scale and cuirass armoured infantry within the same unit if one wanted even more variety. It might also be reflected in the way the unit is painted.

You will note that the above figures are lacking heads. Alan added the heads afterwards, using the three variants I think I mentioned in my last post. Looking at these dollies today I wondered what other purposes they could be put to. 

My goal for 2018 is to get all our Yán Koryáni back into production by the end of the year. And also those that have never been moulded or cast before. Basically all those YK listings on the Tekumel Club blog, currently in red under the "Palace of Ever-Glorious War" page,  would be shown in black and available for purchase. 

This will mean that there is a severe imbalance against the Tsolyáni. The Legion of the Lord of the Red Devastation (aka the Red D's) is still only partially ready for production. What else could be added - and in an affordable way? Can any of these dollies be utilized by the Tsolyáni? What do you guys think?