Thursday, 3 September 2020

Swamp Folk, by Kestral

A Swamp Folk warrior, painted by Kestral

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Painted Tekumel Figures, by Kestral

Hlutrgú, painted by Kestral

The Hlutrgú are one of the vicious alien races that finds themselves cohabiting Tekumel. They are definitely not friendly, having a fearsome reputation with respect to captives. Fortunately, they are restricted more-or-less to a swampy enclave in south-eastern Tsolyanu. Unfortunately, they occasionally leave their enclave in large flotillas of their little coracles, each packed with the savage creatures. 

These 28mm scale figures can be found HERE, in the Tekumel Club. Painted by "Kestral".

BTW, many customers send me pictures of the figures they've painted. I always ask permission if I can post them, and always intend to do so, but sometimes time and memory works against me and I don't end up doing so.

PLEASE, if you have sent me pics - and I have failed to display them - do not hesitate to send me an email reminder. It will act like a pointed stick! You can send an actual pointed stick as well, if you really want me to get "with it!" ;-)

Friday, 26 June 2020

Update to the Tekumel Club: DAD 3D Printed Availability and Pricing

Effective June 26th, 2020, I have added prices - in US dollars - to the items in the D.A.D. listing. Note that some items have gone up in price slightly.

Find the listing HERE.

Also note that due to the Covid-19 situation I am unable to order any re-stock or special orders so everything is "limited to the counter mix" as they say.

Not all the items in the listing are in stock. I will try and do an inventory and post more-or-less current totals. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

An Array of Shields

Picking shields for a customer in the UK...

These shields can be found in the Palace of the Realm, in the Tekumel Club shop. 

Left Column:
Tek-Shield-1  "Laughing Man"
Tek-Shield-10  "Shouting Goddess"
Tek-Shield-12  "Horse Eater"
Tek-Shield-13  "Demon"
Tek-Shield-16  "Bat"

Middle Column:
Tek-Shield-11  "Maiden Guard"
Tek-Shield-5  "Mother's Guard"
Tek-Shield-2  "Princess Guard"
Tek-Shield-14  "Succubus 1"
Tek-Shield-15  "Succubus 2"

Right Column:
Tek-Shield-7  "Serpent Guard (small)"
Tek-Shield-8  "Serpent Guard (large)"
Tek-Shield-9  "Skull Shield"
Tek-Shield-6  "Merchant"
Tek-Shield-3  "Ogre"
Tek-Shield-4  "Boar's Head"

Bottom two rows are misc Shen shields including the original design, that borne by a mercenary unit in Salarvyani service*, upper left, and - on the right - Tsolyani Shen shields**.

* as depicted in the Battle of Ry account.
** as shown in the Tsolyani Army Book.

Thursday, 14 May 2020


Painted by Kestral

Kestral was kind enough to send me some pics of two of our porters he just finished painting. I can't wait to see the whole group! :-)

I love it when people send me pics of their painted Tekumel Project figures. Mine are, sadly, mostly unpainted. Yes, I am that slow a painter! :-(

The porters were sculpted by Federico Genovese and can be found under the Palace of the Realm in the TTP Shop. There are two other poses, and several types of modular loads that are supplied more-or-less randomly. 

Monday, 4 May 2020

Slave 1

Slave 1

One of a few new releases coming to the Tekumel Club shop sometime in the next few days, "Slave 1" is my token "May the 4th be with You!" effort. That and because I haven't worked out what else to call him. Sculpted by Al Maguire, this fine fellow is not your typical slave. A bit too well fed, methinks. Likely some official caught cooking the books; not too badly, mind you, or he would have been for the "high ride" as they call it in Tsolyanu. But enough to be sold into slavery and not get bailed out by his clan. 

When I get to it, you'll find him in the Palace of the Realm. I have a "to do" list as long as my arm, however, so he'll get there when he gets there. ;-)

Wednesday, 1 April 2020


Swords sculpted by Federico Genovese,
Figures by Allan Marsh

Finally! Two-handed Swords for my Yan Koryani! After a terribly long wait I now have on hand two-handed sword blades that are intended primarily to enable the Gurek of the Clan of the Black Bough to take one step closer to release. 

The above image shows nine of the blades in the hands of the nine 2-handed sword poses; note that each figure is different: there are six males (three different helmets, two poses), and three females (1 pose, three different helmets), plus the males might have different facial hair.

Sword #1

Sword #2

Sword #3

Sword #4

Sword #5

Sword #6

Sword #8

Sword #11

Sword #12

Warrior Priest of Vimuhla, Lord of Red Devastation

Also arrived at long last is the Vimuhla Warrior Priest. This figure is based on iconic Tekumel art. The figure on the left in the image above is the complete figure. The mace (with hands attached) is a separate piece. 

The figure on the right is the same priest but with a skull mace, so-called "Sword #10" from the new arrivals. Number 10 has a skull with a boney hand holding it and is much more the sort of thing a Sarku or Durritlamish worshipper would carry. I just posed them together to show how they might work. I think the next set is to take a master figure, liberate its head, and replace with something more appropriate for the Lord of Worms. :-)