Wednesday 30 July 2014

LAST CALL - The Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle - Sale Ending Soon!

LAST CALL to get in on the Sapphire Kirtle skirmisher sale:  

60% off sale for Tekumel Club members;
50% off for non-members.

The casting order has been placed and is in RAFM queue. When I receive the castings I will probably give a few days grace but then the sale will be over.

"But I'm not a member anymore" 

- that's OK. You can assume your membership is still good and just renew "later" (or at the same time, if you like. Every little bit helps!) ;-)

Summer Convention Amnesty

"I'm heading off to GenCon/ComicCon/or wherever and this is really bad timing" - No Worries. If you want to get in on the sale send me an email and I'll put you down at the sale price. Then you can just pay when it is better timed. Provided it is within a reasonable timeframe and with the understanding that I can't ship until the figures are paid for.

I'll let everybody know when I get the castings and when the sale is officially kaput. Still a little time yet. This is just a reminder. :-)

Best Regards,


Wednesday 9 July 2014

Pre-Order Sale: The Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle

Sculpted by John Winter

The Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle, 12th Imperial Light Infantry


These gals have been Mastered - Ooer!  :-o! - but now I need to get the production molds and castings ordered. Only thing is I'm skint as usually seems to be the case these days. Too afraid to try solution: a "Pre-Order Sale"...

That is, 50% off for non-members, 60% for Molkar-level Tekumel Club Members and for Kerdu - "Call Me".  ;-)   (Well, email, actually...)

The sale will run until I have them in regular production. Pre-orders will ship once I have castings. Please add $5 postage in Canada, $10 to the USA and $15 elsewhere.

Here are the codes and normal non-member prices, in US dollars:

The Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle, 12th Imperial Light Infantry

AE-TS   238   Kérdu   $6

AE-TS   239   Warband (Javelins)   $50
AE-TS   240   Warband (Slings)   $50
AE-TS   241   Horde (Javelins)   $40
AE-TS   242   Horde (Slings)   $40

All prices in US dollars. PayPal preferred, but can take Money Orders and even Cheques, if in US Funds.

PayPal address:

A Warband consists of one each of the command figures (two officers, standard bearer and musician), plus 10 troopers. A Horde consists of 10 troopers. The Kerdu is sold as a single figure.

Thanks you for your interest. Please email me if there are any questions.

Best Regards,

Howard Fielding

Friday 4 July 2014

Shén in the Service of the Shadow King

Shén Civilians

Shén Warriors


The Shén and Ahoggyá share a certain amount of "animosity"... 

But humans taste great as well! ;-)

All from the collection of Tony Yates, aka Shadowking, and painted by him.

Thanks Tony! :-)