Sunday 1 July 2012

Mid-Year Review

My first post of 2012 had a list of 10 things we - "we" being The Tekumel Project - wanted to accomplish this year. This is a look at how we are doing, and how we may have strayed...

1) Bring over the rest of our molds from Australia;

Hmm - not yet. I want to do this before the Fall though, but it looks like in order to do it I'll have to put off releasing something else.

2) Solve the alloy problem - that monkey that has been on our back since we discovered the difference in alloys and mold-making techniques used by Eureka and RAFM. Hopefully, low-temperature molds is the answer.

This we may actually have kicked! :-)

3) Assuming we solve this bugbear we have a huge backlog of stuff available for production:

This is actually happening, though there are some details like standards and missing command figures for Dharu and Vanu gureks that are being worked on right now. I listed...

- Several Yan Koryani gureks:

Rulla - I have heavy scale armoured archers to go with the existing heavy infantry. (Which are in Australia, of course!)

Makhis, Defense Against Evil, Clan of the Silver Worm - I have figures ready to go, but lack time and money to do it. The best we can do is try to fit them in "here and there."

Clan of the Black Bough - IIRC there are some things missing like the Standard (which I don't have a design for yet) and some specific weapons.

and the gureks of the cities of Dharu and Vanu - as mentioned above, the command are being worked upon.

- the balance of the Shen - swept away by events. On hold until funds are available.

- the Ahoggya - in production! Woo Hoo! (though there are still a few additional details I would like to sort out like additional arms.)

4) Finish off some Tsolyani legions:

the Aridani Legion of Lady Mrissa - molds done, production ready to go - order placed;

the legion of Mirikitani, Hero of Victories - to be commissioned shortly, we are just working out the details;
the Cohorts of Chegarra, the Hero-King - ditto

to name the foremost on the list - we are on the verge of commissioning a whole slew of Tsolyani legions for the next year-and-a-half (I expect.)

5) Get the Swamp Folk Molded.

In progress! They are being molded in resin by JTFM.

6) Get the Chlen beast, cart and driver set into production. Serudla next, after the Chlen.

The Chlen beast is on hold again. Still working out just how it should look!

The Serudla, however, are in production by the magic of rapid-prototyping!  And we have commissioned Ghatoni to go with them! These are not likely to be available before the Fall, however.

7) Find out how the Pachi Lei are progressing, and get the ball rolling on the Ssu.

The details are being worked out on these and they should be commissioned in the Fall.

8) Get that Mu'ug priest and priestess into production.

There is one tiny repair that has to be made and then they could go into a master mold. Mind you I am a few figures short of filling such a mold... maybe when the current burst of activity has died down I can get them done...

9) Finish off the Qol, get the Ksarul priests/priestesses into production.

Two things have to happen here - 1) decide how the molds and packs are to work; 2) scrounge up the necessary funds. Once Lady M and Co are in full production, perhaps?

(And the Summer convention season is eating into the mold-maker/caster's available time to do our stuff.)

10) Get the ball rolling on some themed figures: "The Party", "On The Road" and "Let the Games Begin".

Some miscellaneous figures have been commissioned. Some should be done fairly shortly and can be used to fill in spots on the Mu'ug Priest's master mold if we're lucky.

Anyway, there is how we stand, more-or-less. Perhaps I should do a Kickstarter campaign, only I doubt there are 60,000+ Tekumel fans lurking out there!