Wednesday 27 October 2010

A tiny update before heading South... Fall In!

John's blanks have arrived safe and sound at RAFM where they will be molded and cast. I'm hoping we can have some castings to send back to John in a couple of weeks then he can begin the sculpting proper on some figures.

These will be civilians as well as military subjects. One of the first subjects will be the Aridani Legion of Lady Mrissa.

Also, John is just about done the Puppeteer Vignette so perhaps that will be available before Christmas. Based upon the reception it has received, I would like to do more vignettes along a similar line. If you have suggestions please send them on...

Friday 22 October 2010

The Temple of Sárku, Lord of Worms

The Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa, by Reaper Miniatures

Chammady Drovenge, by Reaper Miniatures

I have had occasion to think about the temple of Sárku the last few days, and of his cohort, Durritlámish. Coincidentally I came across the Reaper figures shown above in the friendly local brick-and-mortar and, always on the look-out for Proxy figures, I snapped them up.

Both will, IMO, make fine Priestesses for either of the two temples in question. The Visbaronetess is exceptional, not only for stepping out of the norm for female fantasy figures, but for the character the figure exudes. Her hair style looks like it belongs to the Worm Cult!

I see her being pure evil, like Cruella DeVille.

The Chammady figure has some sort of stole with wings wrapped around her shoulders - not sure quite what it is supposed to be as it seems to have a cat-like head. I'll be cutting the wings off - unless somebody can enlighten me as to what they are meant to be.

But never mind that, the main reason she would make such a great Priestess is that the dagger she is holding in her right hand looks to me very much like one of Sárku's ceremonial daggers! (Can't remember the proper name...)

Excellent figures both. The Visbaronetess matches our figures height-wise, if not in girth, and Chammady also matches pretty good - slightly tall, but not overly so, IMO.

Friday 15 October 2010

The Tékumel Club

Hi Guys,

An Update:

1) I have confirmed the costs with Old Glory and it seems my initial estimates allowed enough of a fudge factor to accommodate the recent metal price increases, though if they continue to rise who can say how long that will last;

2) The prices will be as follows:

Hlutrgu foot figures:
Nakome (non-member) = Single $4.00, Warband $40.00 (10 troopers + 4 command), Horde $30.00 (10 troopers);
Tirikamu ($20 = 10% off) = Single $3.60, Warband $36.00, Horde $27.00;
Hereksa ($30 = 20% off) = Single $3.20, Warband $32.00, Horde $24.00;
Kasi ($40 = 30%) = Single $2.80, Warband $28.00, Horde $21.00;
Molkar ($50 = 40%) = Single $2.40, Warband $24.00, Horde $18.00;
Kerdu (++ = 50%) = Single $2.00, Warband $20.00, Horde $15.00;

Hlutrgu boat figures:
Nakome (non-member) = Single $4.00, Flotilla $30.00 (2 boats + all crew);
Tirikamu ($20 = 10% off) = Single $3.60, Flotilla $27.00;
Hereksa ($30 = 20% off) = Single $3.20,Flotilla $24.00;
Kasi ($40 = 30%) = Single $2.80, Flotilla $21.00;
Molkar ($50 = 40%) = Single $2.40, Flotilla $18.00;
Kerdu (++ = 50%) = Single $2.00, Flotilla $15.00;

Qol rank-and-file figures:
Nakome (non-member) = Single $4.00, Horde $30.00 (10 rank-and-file);
Tirikamu ($20 = 10% off) = Single $3.60, Horde $27.00;
Hereksa ($30 = 20% off) = Single $3.20, Horde $24.00;
Kasi ($40 = 30%) = Single $2.80, Horde $21.00;
Molkar ($50 = 40%) = Single $2.40, Horde $18.00;
Kerdu (++ = 50%) = Single $2.00, Horde $15.00;

3) I have placed an initial order with Old Glory for:
40 Hlutrgu Warbands and 60 Hordes;
50 Flotillas;
50 Qol Hordes.

4) Payments can be by PayPal in the same manner that the Tekumel Club membership was purchased (to or by Money Order (or, cheque, if you prefer) made out to "The Tekumel Project". If you are paying via PayPal please mention that it is for an order in the comments and please send a separate email detailing your order.

5) Postage will be at Cost and will be charged when I have the product and am ready to ship. If you wish, you can place your order and then wait for me to confirm that I have the figures and determine postage before making payment.

6) We are intending to pick up the figures at Fall In. We will not be selling the figures there, but if you want to pick up figures that are already paid for you can do that. We will need to establish some form of recognition system or meeting place prior to the Wednesday of that week as after that I will be away from email until the Sunday when I return.

Hope that all makes sense to you. If you have any comments or suggestions - or questions just let me know.

Best Regards,


Tuesday 12 October 2010

The Clan of the Striding Incantation

Here a Puppet Master from the Clan of the Striding Incantation provides an entertainment for some Tsolyáni children, much to their delight!

A work in progress, sculpted by John Winter of Tinman Miniatures

Friday 8 October 2010


Qól by Dave Maggi

The first illustration of the Qól that I have seen was by Professor Barker on the "War of Wizards" playing board - this was back in the mid-70's, the game being published by TSR.

The above picture is Dave Maggi's rendition of a Qól. Often when speaking with non-Tekumel fans I just call them "snakemen", "snake-people" or just "snakes" though, in the fluff, that is not what they are.

The Qól are the creations of the Temple of Ksarul, the results of gene-splicing and genetic engineering, though nowadays performed more through rituals than by scientific understanding. They are pale humanoids with a serpentine head and neck and tentacles in place of arms.

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Warning Order: Hlutrgu and Qol release pending

At long last, the Tekumel Project is on the verge of releasing 28mm figures for direct sale via The Tekumel Club.

See the Club thread on our blog, here:

The Tekumel Club

The Hlutrgu and the first of the Qol are currently in the process of having Production Molds made and we expect to be able to pick up the initial castings at Fall In at the end of this month.

If you have any interest please contact me at:

green27 AT sympatico DOT ca


Howard Fielding The Tekumel Project

Friday 1 October 2010


The Hlutrgu and Qol have been mastered. Production molds still have to be made. It is theoretically possible that these will be done before Fall In and it is even conceivable we might be picking up castings at the show (from Old Glory.)

This would mean - if things were to work out so freakishly well - that we could have stock available for anybody who might happen by at the show...

I don't want to make any promises at the moment, however.

Not when everything seems to happen soooo slowly...

Also, I am on the verge of sending out John's blanks to another caster - RAFM this time. Once those molds are made he will hopefully be able to start churning out civilians and such.