Friday 24 August 2018

Dark Fable: The Return of Cleopatra

Dark Fable has launched their latest Kickstarter: The Return of Cleopatra.

With this new kickstarter, Dark Fable will have over 60 sets of Sword and Sandal goodness for you to put on the tabletop! Below are some of what is coming in this campaign, and some of what has come before. If you want to see more I suggest you check out Dark Fable's site and the kickstarter link above.

Why am I posting this here, on the Tekumel Project blog? Because the Dark Fable miniatures are perfect as proxy figures for Tekumel games. By investing in Dark Fable I am investing in my Tekumel games! :-)

Tomb Guardians

PCs or NPCs, you tell me! Is that a Thumis priest on the right?

Priests of Qon, on a mission...
just paint them as if wearing masks...

Tomb Raiders

Aridani Archers

Temple Guards, Town Garrison, or Sakbe Road Guards

Priests or Temple Guards: Thumis, Hnalla and perhaps others


I highly recommend checking out what Dark Fable has to offer!