Wednesday 31 March 2010

A nice little package...

...arrived yesterday: a box from Eureka with a few master castings of the Hlaka and - wait for it - the Ahoggya "blanks". I'll try and see if I can figure out the macro setting on the camera. If so, I'll post some pictures...

(The Ahoggya is way cool, BTW!) :-)

Sunday 28 March 2010

Dave's Irregulars

So...back from Hot Lead! Had a great time, and actually got to play some wargames - not Tekumel-related, but still fun. I picked up a few cheap "proxy" figures from the bring-and-buy and on the way home today came up with a game to utilize Reaper's skydiver figure from their Chronoscope line. :-)

I also checked out this guys blog again. Chirine pointed me there before but somehow there seems to be lots of kick-ass Tekumel art there now, that I don't recall seeing before.

Dave Maggi

Unfortunately, I can't find his email on the blog... :-(

Friday 26 March 2010

Hot Lead!

Off to Hot Lead! in Stratford Ontario this afternoon. A great little convention - and one of my favourites. Return Sunday so out-of-touch until then.

Thursday 25 March 2010


Eureka has posted a preview of our upcoming Shén figures. Yay!

Check it out here!

Monday 22 March 2010

Hlutrgu Pics

Hlutrgu w. Javelins

More Hlutrgu

Question: Is it better to show poor pics of upcoming figures or not to show any at all if all you have are poor ones?

As you can see, I opted for the former.

Here are my poor photography skills on display. Apparently my camera has a macro setting but I didn't realize it at the time. I only found out after I returned from the con. :-(

The top pic shows the "in-progress" greens (greys) of the Hlutrgu armed with javelins. The bottom pic shows one of the "command" figures, a Hlutrgu with a captive, and also one of their coracles and the torso of a paddler - the lower body and legs will be part of the boat. These are being done by Rod Campbell of Highlander Studios.

Sunday 7 March 2010

Cold Wars - and a short progress report

We are heading down to Cold Wars in Lancaster PA this week - leaving Wednesday.

Rod is going to have the Hlutrgu on display at his stand in the dealer's hall (Highlander Studios) and may be working on some stuff at the same time. Which I think is really cool: to see the things "in progress". I'll try and take some good pictures though I know from experience that my hand isn't steady enough for these new high-pixel cameras!

I know there is going to be at least one Tekumel game there and I'm looking forward to checking that out, even if I don't play. We are planning on doing a "pick up" game or two as well, if we can manage it.

Work is continuing - make that "creeping forward" - on a Band of Joyous Heroes. I have divided the book into two sections: the background and the actual rules and work on each section is progressing. This division is not physical as such - it will still be one book - but just an attempt to organize things - the bits that are already decided and just need to be re-written (i.e. the background) and those that I have to write (i.e. the magic rules, encounter rules, etc.)

Mark Allen has been providing a steady flow of art for both sections. At present we are working on the Gazetteer for the background section and he is producing some really nice illustrated maps. As I cannot create background information - it is all already written - all I can hope to do is organize and present it in a pleasing fashion that will get those people unfamiliar with Tekumel interested in the World. To this end I have decided to make the book image heavy - and that's where Mark comes in! :-)

As far as the rules themselves are going the broad sections are pretty much decided upon, though the magic section is still giving me trouble. I've made great progress on what you could call "party creation" or "force creation" or "army list" - remember this isn't [technically] a set of role-playing rules though it has definite scope for role-playing elements as players begin to identify with their characters. There are no "Adventurers" in the traditional D&D sense on Tekumel; everyone has a job. And if they don't have a job as such, then they have obligations. Basically the players will have a "Patron" who may be an organization (government, temple or a secret society), or their clan, or an individual. The adventures will be missions they are sent on by their patron.

Saturday 6 March 2010


By Mark Allen

How's that for a face only a mother could love? Scratch that - I seriously doubt that the Hlutrgú are capable of love, even with their own kind. Art for A Band of Joyous Heroes by Mark Allen.

Wednesday 3 March 2010

But Wait - There's More!

Princess Vrisa - in progress

John Winter sent me an "in progress" pic of his Princess Vrisa sculpt, this next to one of our current Yan Koryani archers.

This figure is to be our first "reward" figure for the Tekumel Club - not a Limited Edition figure, but very expensive for non-members and cheap for members (depending on ranking.)

Tuesday 2 March 2010

More Greens....

Dharu and Vanu blanks

Silver Worm Skirmisher Girls

Makhis Longbowmen

Today I have some more greens to show off, all of them sculpted by Alan Marsh. First up are blanks for two Yan Koryani gureks - those from the cities of Dharu and Vanu.

Next are girl slingers for the Gurek of the Clan of the Silver Worm. These complete this unit, the balance of which is already in Eureka's production queue.

Lastly, are the famed longbowmen from the city of Makhis. The spear is to go with the city's spearmen who will use a 2H-pose of our existing Yan Koryani figures. Of note is the standard - a flying Dragonfish, based on a sketch by Mark Allen, our artist.

Monday 1 March 2010

Finally an Update!

A peak at the upcoming Ahoggya

Lord Freshshayu hiTuruken

The Ahoggya is a blank which will be used to make a few variants. So it isn't quite done yet - sorry!

Lord Freshshayu is Kerdu of the Tsolyani Legion of the City of Chri, 7th Imperial Shen Auxiliary Heavy Infantry. He is a bit eccentric and has had armour fashioned to make him resemble a Shen. The Shen "tolerate" him...