Sunday, 7 March 2010

Cold Wars - and a short progress report

We are heading down to Cold Wars in Lancaster PA this week - leaving Wednesday.

Rod is going to have the Hlutrgu on display at his stand in the dealer's hall (Highlander Studios) and may be working on some stuff at the same time. Which I think is really cool: to see the things "in progress". I'll try and take some good pictures though I know from experience that my hand isn't steady enough for these new high-pixel cameras!

I know there is going to be at least one Tekumel game there and I'm looking forward to checking that out, even if I don't play. We are planning on doing a "pick up" game or two as well, if we can manage it.

Work is continuing - make that "creeping forward" - on a Band of Joyous Heroes. I have divided the book into two sections: the background and the actual rules and work on each section is progressing. This division is not physical as such - it will still be one book - but just an attempt to organize things - the bits that are already decided and just need to be re-written (i.e. the background) and those that I have to write (i.e. the magic rules, encounter rules, etc.)

Mark Allen has been providing a steady flow of art for both sections. At present we are working on the Gazetteer for the background section and he is producing some really nice illustrated maps. As I cannot create background information - it is all already written - all I can hope to do is organize and present it in a pleasing fashion that will get those people unfamiliar with Tekumel interested in the World. To this end I have decided to make the book image heavy - and that's where Mark comes in! :-)

As far as the rules themselves are going the broad sections are pretty much decided upon, though the magic section is still giving me trouble. I've made great progress on what you could call "party creation" or "force creation" or "army list" - remember this isn't [technically] a set of role-playing rules though it has definite scope for role-playing elements as players begin to identify with their characters. There are no "Adventurers" in the traditional D&D sense on Tekumel; everyone has a job. And if they don't have a job as such, then they have obligations. Basically the players will have a "Patron" who may be an organization (government, temple or a secret society), or their clan, or an individual. The adventures will be missions they are sent on by their patron.

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  1. Is there anything we can do to help with the magic rules?