Thursday 17 March 2016

Tekumel Gaming @ Cold Wars 2016

Some Naval Inspiration from the collection of Mike Lung.

This coming weekend is Cold Wars, an HMGS-E wargame convention held in Lancaster, PA. Unfortunately I cannot make it this year. This is especially disappointing as there are going to be at least two Tekumel themed games!

Bill Acheson is putting on the next instalment of his "Panic in Pan Chaka" game. This is a skirmish adventure game using his "Tekumel by Gaslight" - you guessed it, a tweak of the popular Gaslight rules. IIRC, this is in a Saturday morning slot but check the PEL to make sure.

Saturday evening, in the Open Gaming Area (also used for the Flea Market), Steve Braun is putting on another Tekumel Naval game. Apparently he has been tinkering with the Dark Passage rules I tried out at Fall In last year. 

There has even been talk of some larger land battles for Tekumel, perhaps using the Crusader Ancients rules. But this might not be until Historicon. Sadly, I'll probably miss that as well this year.