Thursday 16 April 2009

First anniversary of the Null Blog...

Well, I guess I am not much of a blogger, as evidenced by almost a full year of inactivity! Funny, as people are often saying I talk too much! ;-)

Timeshadows asked if anything is going on. The answer is "Yes" - just not very quickly.

This is the request I recently sent to our sculptor:

"Here is a list of the projects I would like to get sculpted between now and this time next year - assuming you can fit them in: 

1) The Hlaka. This release will require two new flying figures - one with javelins and another with rock and/or flame-pot. From the existing blanks we will need four figures: a leader, pointing; a hlaka w. javelins, a hlaka w. flame-pot; an Imperial Herald, based on an illustration from the blue solo book. Also required is the human from the same illustration (representing Prince Eselne).

2) The Ahoggya. This release will hopefully be a multi-part creature. My idea is for two main torsos with the four legs attached. There would be sockets in the upper torso for the four arms to fit and a the upper carapace would plug into a hole in the top of the torso. One body would have armoured legs, the other unarmoured. There would be multiple arms: pointing, with shield, spear, two different sword, mace, bare hand, and possibly crossbow. There would be two carapaces: one armoured, the other not. Comments on this welcome.

3) The Shen. This release will feature the following 12 figures: Officer with Lightning Sword; Musician with drum; Standard bearer; Halberd/Pike 1; Halberd/Pike 2; Axe-sword 1; Axe-sword 2; Pistol Crossbow; Berserker; Unarmoured Shen 1; Unarmoured Shen 2; Official in Cloak.

4) The Legion of the Red Devastation. This release will feature 10 figures appropriate for this legion as per our previous method. As this legion has no bowmen there will be Warrior-priests and the like filling out the numbers.

5) Additional Yan Kor standards and special figures to enable us to complete the legions already started. Also blanks for other specialized legions."

He has apparently been getting over a bout of illness, but has promised to send me a response as soon as he can.

Any comments, questions or suggestions are always welcome!


Howard Fielding