Friday 21 September 2012

Quick Update

A few things happening here lately...

Six more Production molds are done and we've been giving the molds for Ever-Present Glory and Serqu a few spins. Hope to have some figures from those before the end of October.

Had a bit of a set back last week as I stupidly managed to break my glasses which entailed an un-budgeted expense of over $400. A small plus was I was also finally able to replace the holy shoes I've been walking around in for the last couple of months with some unholy ones. Makes a whole lot of difference! ;-) I can actually walk properly again!

Monday 3 September 2012

Sérudla are like Kittens!

Their little claws and dorsal spikes snag on everything: bubble wrap, sweaters, table-cloths. You name it and they cling to it!

Shown above and below are the first batch of Sérudla produced via the wonders of 3D printing. In the picture below you can see how they compare in size to some other critters. (That black figure on the right is a Pygmy Folk, primed black for painting.) The arms are still in a bag. They include armed and unarmed variants. Some 80 of this batch are armoured for war and with other 20 being au naturel. Also shown are a couple of Zrné and a Chlén beast; also created by 3D printing.

Unfortunately the claws and dorsal spines are very fine pieces and so very fragile. This lot suffered some damage to about 20% of the shipment. Given that the claws cling to materials and are so fragile I recommend basing the figures rather than using them as-is.