Friday, 21 September 2012

Quick Update

A few things happening here lately...

Six more Production molds are done and we've been giving the molds for Ever-Present Glory and Serqu a few spins. Hope to have some figures from those before the end of October.

Had a bit of a set back last week as I stupidly managed to break my glasses which entailed an un-budgeted expense of over $400. A small plus was I was also finally able to replace the holy shoes I've been walking around in for the last couple of months with some unholy ones. Makes a whole lot of difference! ;-) I can actually walk properly again!


  1. Best wishes and cheers!

    You should *really* produce a priestess of Dlamélish, she for sure would be top seller!

    Being less 'specific' than most of warrior types, priests, sacrifices, slaves... have a potential wider market.
    Similarly for the naked girls of the Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle, 12th Imperial LI: they could appear in *many* settings outside Tékumel.

    Btw I, and others, advocate and 'advertise' (on TMP, the LAF...) all Tékumel minis for 'Lost World / Lost Civilization' games (and also quasi-Barsoom Martian ones)

  2. One of these days I am going to get you to send me ten of every figure. Money is no object, but the complexity of computers is an object ... Join lists...
    Just simpler to say please email me at and send me where I send the cheque( no PayPal).
    Hey I might even send you a map of R'y and the fief of Vrel (both done by myself and Prof. Barker in1986)