Wednesday 18 August 2010

First Look: The Qól

Qól Archers and Halberdiers

Finally - after a long summer of not having much to post - I can give you a look at the first of the Qól figures we have planned for release through the Tékumel Club.

The Qól are the in-human creations of the Temple of Ksárul and are used as guardians and servitors. The Temple of Sárku has also been known to make use of them as well.

This first batch comprise two archers, two halberdiers and a swordsman. Additional figures planned are more character types. If you have suggestions for poses we'd like to hear them - the release already has some 15-odd figures planned as it leads into the Temple of Ksárul.

Hope you like them!

In other news. Production delays have beset the Shén and, possibly, the Hláka. Similarly, the Hlutrgú have been delayed by vacations and other commitments meaning the masters have yet to be made. The up-side of this is the masters for the Qól and Hlutrgú should be able to get made at the same time.

Things are progressing, albiet slowly...

Thank you all for your patience!