Wednesday, 30 July 2014

LAST CALL - The Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle - Sale Ending Soon!

LAST CALL to get in on the Sapphire Kirtle skirmisher sale:  

60% off sale for Tekumel Club members;
50% off for non-members.

The casting order has been placed and is in RAFM queue. When I receive the castings I will probably give a few days grace but then the sale will be over.

"But I'm not a member anymore" 

- that's OK. You can assume your membership is still good and just renew "later" (or at the same time, if you like. Every little bit helps!) ;-)

Summer Convention Amnesty

"I'm heading off to GenCon/ComicCon/or wherever and this is really bad timing" - No Worries. If you want to get in on the sale send me an email and I'll put you down at the sale price. Then you can just pay when it is better timed. Provided it is within a reasonable timeframe and with the understanding that I can't ship until the figures are paid for.

I'll let everybody know when I get the castings and when the sale is officially kaput. Still a little time yet. This is just a reminder. :-)

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