Tuesday 21 July 2020

Painted Tekumel Figures, by Kestral

Hlutrgú, painted by Kestral

The Hlutrgú are one of the vicious alien races that finds themselves cohabiting Tekumel. They are definitely not friendly, having a fearsome reputation with respect to captives. Fortunately, they are restricted more-or-less to a swampy enclave in south-eastern Tsolyanu. Unfortunately, they occasionally leave their enclave in large flotillas of their little coracles, each packed with the savage creatures. 

These 28mm scale figures can be found HERE, in the Tekumel Club. Painted by "Kestral".

BTW, many customers send me pictures of the figures they've painted. I always ask permission if I can post them, and always intend to do so, but sometimes time and memory works against me and I don't end up doing so.

PLEASE, if you have sent me pics - and I have failed to display them - do not hesitate to send me an email reminder. It will act like a pointed stick! You can send an actual pointed stick as well, if you really want me to get "with it!" ;-)


  1. Why don't you set up a gallery page somewhere for all these photo collections?

  2. All this talk about sharp sticks reminds me I live only 60km from your house.