Tuesday, 8 December 2009

May I Present: The Hlaka...

Hlaka Leader

Typical Hlaka Trooper

The Hlaka are another non-human species than came to Tekumel in the distant past and suffered the same fate as Humanity when the system was shunted into its own little "pocket dimension". They tend to be skittish but do leave their aeries to the NE of Tsolyanu to serve as mercenaries in many of the armies of the Five Empires - all in fact but Livyanu, which is just too far away.

These figures represent the Hlaka leader and a flying Hlaka, skirmishing or acting as a scout - armed with javelins. The gigantic thumb in the first picture gives you an idea of the huge size of our sculptor - he moonlights at Hogwarts! ;-)

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