Wednesday, 2 December 2009

First Look at the Shen...

Shen Standard Bearer

The lands of the Shen are away to the hot south near Tekumel's equator. These comprise the Empire of Shenyu and several smaller nations from opposing egg groups. The Shen are a reptilian race originally from Antares; they are generally friendly towards mankind and often serve as mercenaries abroad. Each of the Five Empires has at least one unit of Shen mercenaries on the rolls.


  1. A nice looking mini! Different...

  2. Any size comparison shots with a human figure?

  3. Unfortunately the sculptor is in the UK and I am in Canada. :-(

    But I do have the original blanks used, and the eyes on one of our Ever-Present Glory archers are level with the unarmoured shoulder of the blank.

    Taking out my tape measure, from the top of the beak to the base of the feet is 35mm.

    Hope that helps,