Sunday, 13 December 2009

On their way...

Shen Officer

The latest figures - the Hlaka and Shen - are now completed and will be shipped off to Eureka Miniatures in Australia. There they will go into Eureka's production queue. Masters and production molds still need to be made, samples painted for the web site and some sort of blurb written. No ETA on any of that, as of yet.

The figures consist of:


1) Officer - lightning sword, shield;
2) Musician with drum - axe-sword;
3) Standard bearer - axe-sword;
4) Halberd/Pike 1 - axe-sword, halberd;
5) Halberd/Pike 2 - axe-sword, halberd;
Note: one of these figures (4/5) also gets a pistol x-bow and quiver;
6) Axe-sword 1 - axe-sword, shield;
7) Axe-sword 2 - axe-sword, shield;
Note: one of these figures (6/7) also gets a pistol x-bow and quiver;
8) Pistol Crossbow - axe-sword, pistol x-bow and quiver;
9) Berserker - axe-sword, shield;
10) Unarmoured Shen 1 w. staff - knobkerrie;
11) Unarmoured Shen 2 attacking - knobkerrie;
12) Diplomat/Official in cloak;
13) Unarmoured Shen 3 - Merchant;
14) Unarmoured Shen 4 - knobkerrie.

Shen Diplomat/Official


1) Hlaka Leader;
2) Hlaka w. fire pot;
3) Hlaka w. javelins;
4) Flying Hlaka w. fire pot;
5) Flying Hlaka w. javelins;
6) Hlaka - Imperial Messenger;
7) Prince Eselne w. message.

Imperial Messenger (sans wings)

Prince Eselné

Work on the Ahoggya to start soon.

Typical Ahoggya

Best Regards,

Howard Fielding
The Tekumel Project


  1. Nice minis; some of the reptiles make me think of Dragonewts.

  2. Yes, that has occurred to me also as I am also a big Glorantha fan!

    Of course, the Shen were described long before the world ever heard of "Beaked" or "Crested" Dragonewts.

    One would have to supply their own Klanths - and we won't be doing mounted versions. I rather think GW's Skinks would make good Crested Dragonewts. Just as RAFM makes excellent proxy Newtlings


  3. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!