Thursday, 10 January 2013

Palanquin Test...

I did a quick and dirty test build of the palanquin. I might have to add a warning: "Some modeling skill required." ;-) The holes for the platform drilled out real easy with a pin vise. A lot easier than I expected looking at them. The bearers hardly had to be drilled out at all. It is a little bit fiddly getting all eight bearers into position. There will have to be some filing of bases or additions of thin pieces of plasticard - you can see in the pic I've put dimes under a couple of the figures to bring them up to height.

Not sure what the best practice should be. Perhaps get the fit right and sort out the mounting and then paint them after that is settled?


  1. "I'm telling you Phil, he's getting heavier each month..."

    "Fine! You tell him to lay off the Hmelu-burgers."

  2. Me, I'd build the set first, then prime it. Once that's done, I'd paint it, and base it last of all. And I'd see about getting a nice stonework-textured base (either a huge resin one from a game company, or a sheet of textured plastic from the hobby store - think model railway supplies, here - to really set this wonderful model off right!) I can hardly wait!!!

    yours, Chirine

  3. I would like to buy a good Tekumel palanquin from you but I will not buy this model as it is now. For a simple reason, the design is too fragile to use on my gaming table. Putting a palanquin on a large firm base will not solve the fact the joints like the ones holding the heavy chair are easily broken. The palanquin by GW used by the lizardman army for the old one was in this same style. I put it on a nice heavy base and had to repair it several times before I stopped using it. (Games Workshop reworked the thing and now it works much better.)
    Since then I have made up several other palanquin including one I scratch built so I offer you this suggestion: Add flowing fabric to the chair that brushes the ground. Position the fabric so the chair itself stands on it’s own without the bearers. You will not need the stiff wire for this design, just add some handles to the portion with the flowing fabric.
    I can not see a VIP traveling the great highway without a decent sun shade, which makes me think a whole different figure should be offered. Perhaps you would consider making a generic one that can be used for many different dignitaries, so more of the same casting would be sold. I think your generic palanquin should use flowing drapery to support the model, side panels that are closed so we can not see who is inside and sport a sun shade. A spot should be made to affix or paint the heraldry of the dignitary inside. If you want that heraldry to be molded try using a wedge shape on the back of it to affix it to the side panels. You could add a separate plume piece to glue on the top and change out the slaves carrying the thing. For a very special person add a slave with a plumed staff to lead. Include suggestions on what colors and plumes to use to indicate which temple and how to use it for a major clan in one of your blog posts.

  4. More palanquin variants are indeed planned, the first being a temple of Sarku version with zombie bearers. It is worth noting that, with the Qol bearers, this palanquin in intended for use in the Underworld and not the light of day.