Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pots, Vases and Treasure Chests....

Pledge $7.00 towards the Super 3D Dungeon Boards Kickstarter to get a set of these. I assume a set is what is pictured though I am not absolutely certain of this. Also available as an Add on for the same amount.

Now how big are they? Not made for 28mm figures, strictly speaking, but it seems the "Super Dungeon Explore" figures stand on the typical 25mm round bases. At least, that base size is mentioned in the KS information. There is also this Add On, which seems to show 25mm bases:

You can find the Kickstarter Here. But hurry. It ends Tuesday, Jan 29th and 12:54 EST. That is about 67 hours from now according to KS.

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