Friday, 4 January 2013

Qól on their way...

Had news today that Old Glory had shipped out our Qól order - Yay! :-)

The order comprises 50 sets from our entire Qól range, including the Palanquin set with choice of Priest or Priestess of Ksárul, shown here...

The Palanquin is borne by eight Qól - 2 each of 4 poses, right and left handed bearers. The palanquin itself is in a couple of pieces and requires wire shafts. We decided wire would be stronger than trying to cast the shafts. Note that the wire is not included.

Also included are sets of these character figures, plus two that are not shown. The figure center middle will have a choice of censor, lantern or Ksárul standard. The figure to his right is carrying an ornate box for some nefarious purpose. One of the two new figures is carrying an ornate book, while the other is a guard with a halberd. The two figures at the bottom are meant to be slavers or guards. The intent is to get a set of prisoners and/or slaves to accompany them.

I have also ordered a re-supply of our original figures:

All these figures were sculpted by Roderick Campbell of Highlander Studios. Rod is currently working on dismounted versions of the Ksárul Priest and Priestess, plus two more in alternative costumes and then a pair of Warrior Priest and Priestess from the same temple. 

Future plans include an expansion of Ksárul themed figures plus re-purposing the palanquin for other temples starting with the temple of Sárku, Lord of Worms, with zombie bearers. I would also like to do some civilian palanquins as well with regular old human bearers.


  1. Oh, very nice! When will we be able to order these?


  2. Not until they arrive. Not sure how they will fair with customs...

  3. Everyone should own a civilian palanquin. :)
    I like the Qol a lot