Monday, 26 October 2009

"Give Me What I Ask, And Kerunan Will Wear Black Again!"

The Protectorate of Kerunan © M.A.R. Barker

And so a young, hot-headed Salarvyani general set in motion events that would eventually lead to his death. General Vreshsheqmu used those words in his request for more troops from Koyluga, having over-stepped his orders in an attempt to seize the Tsolyani held Protectorate of Kerunan back for Salarvya.

Black is the colour favoured by Salarvyani troops, just as Azure Blue is worn by the Tsolyani. The Protectorate of Kerunan had been held by Tsolyanu for some 300 years and the Salarvyani had coveted it ever since.

Invasion had not been General Vreshsheqmu's original intent, having with him only 4000 Heavy Infantry, 3000 Light Infantry, 1000 of the reptilian Shen mercenaries, and a small contingent of priests providing limited magical support. Rather, he had advanced this force in search of prestige and glory. His original intent had been to engage in Qadarni, or "Little War"; and he had no authority to go further.

Having learned that the famous Tsolyani general, Kettukal, had recently arrived to take control of Kerunan, Vreshsheqmu hoped to best him and his First Legion of Ever-Present Glory in the ritualistic battle that comprises the Little War.

A note about spelling: the spelling of "Ry" is archaic; that on the map is more current and is the way it is pronounced.

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