Sunday, 25 October 2009

The First Legion of Ever-Present Glory - 1st Imperial Heavy Infantry

This legion was our first release, featuring both spear-men and archers, command figures (Officers, Musician and Standard-bearer) and the redoubtable General Kettukal himself. The above picture is from Eureka's Tékumel gallery and was painted by one of their in-house painters, I believe.

General Kettukal

The reason I chose this legion to start with is that the General and his legion were the heroes in the magazine article that first introduced me to Tékumel. That magazine was "Wargamer's Digest", and the article was the account of "The Battle of Ry." IIRC, the year was 1976.

That battle was fought in 2347 A.S.*, between the Tsolyani and the Salarvyani before the small city of Ry on Tsolyanu's Eastern border. The Salarvyani general Vreshsheqmu thought he would take advantage of apparent Tsolyani weakness to gain a quick victory for Salarvya.

The accompanying map is shown below:

The reference numbers are a bit blurry - I will try and do something about that. More later...

* After the Seal (of the Imperium.)

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