Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Qadarni - "the Little War"

The Legion of Ever-Present Glory

When Vreshsheqmu advanced his army into Tsolyani territory they carried before them the standards of the Qadarni, or "the Little War."

These battles are quite common between the forces of rival nations. They are fought for prestige and glory, for loot, and in order to obtain captives for ransom or sacrifice. They are highly formalized and ritualistic, with both parties striving to observe the proper forms.

They involve much ceremony and colourful display of finery and martial skill. Personal challenges and duels are widespread. The battles are ritualized skirmishes often ending with little loss of life, though there may be captives who are later sacrificed. The victor receives the glory and the agreed upon spoils, the loser retreats in shame.

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  1. Ry [or Ru mit der umlaut] is a fun battle to play. The Salarvyani have to get across the open field in front of the Tsolyani without dallying in order to bring their superior numbers to bear, and the Tsolyani have to pick the targets for their missile troops very carefully. We last played it at a local con in 2004, and I think it's about time we do it again now that we have the new First Legion of Ever-Present Glory painted...