Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Good News and Bad News...

The Good News is that I have 16 sets of Hlaka armed with firepots and 16 sets armed with javelins. That is I had them when i returned from Hot Lead but I offered them to our Tekumel Club members first. There are still some left, and more are being cast so not to worry, there should be plenty to go around!

Each set comprises 4 flying Hlaka and 4 grounded Hlaka armed with the appropriate weapons. There is also a grounded leader who is sold separately.

The base price is $30 per set for non-members, or $4.00 each for the leader. Members receive their usual discounts.

We are having casting difficulties with the javelins because they are so fine - so much so that more were being rejected than accepted. When I heard that I told the caster that as long as the body and tail comes out fine it counts as a good figure - the difficulties were adding too much labour to the casting. What this means is that in the future not all the Hlaka will have the fine cast javelins - customers will be asked to supply their own. These few initial packs however, all have the fully cast javelins.

The second item of good news is the the Imperial Messenger vignette is being molded and will be cast very shortly. This is a two-piece set of Prince Eselne receiving word of the Emperor's death via a Hlaka messenger in Imperial service.

The last bit of good news is that our resin caster is making molds of two Tekumel beasties which you can expect to be released very shortly. I post a picture tomorrow perhaps...

The Bad News is that we have encountered some technical difficulties with the Ahoggya and Shen which will delay their release - though how long the delay will be is unknown at this time.

Apologies for this but it can't be helped.

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