Friday, 25 March 2011

Hot Lead - here we come!

Heading down to the Hot Lead convention in Stratford Ontario shortly.

There I will be speaking with our caster/mold maker about how to set up the molds for our upcoming releases. I am taking with us the greens for the Sacrifice Set, Princess Vrisa, the Pillars of sacrifice, the Puppeteer Vignette, the Ahoggya Kits and the Shen Masters Nic sent us.

We just have to figure out how to mold all that!

I am hoping to pick up some Hlaka castings (with the balance of the order to be mailed to us) and some helmet and standard plumes for use in conversions.

I am also taking a couple of sirprises - that only a few people know about - to get Jeff Trnka (our resin caster) to take a look at.

I will report back when we return on Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. Ooooo! Ooooo! The suspense! The anticipation! :)

    Have a safe trip, and I'll look forward to hearing how it all goes!

    yours, Chirine