Friday, 4 March 2011

Another Aridani N'luss Warrioress...

An Aridani N'luss

This is the last of the present lot of concept sketches Jeff Dee has done for the N'luss. We had considerable back-and-forth debate about the "look" which is based upon a number of things. From the Mu'ugalavyani Army Book we know that not all N'luss warbands are as well equipped with armour as others. And from the Swords & Glory Sourcebook we know that N'luss women tend to cover their legs with leggings. This is confirmed by the descriptions of the N'luss bodyguard in The Man of Gold.

Running somewhat counter to this are the descriptions in the later novels of N'luss wearing "pantaloons" and tunics, bringing to my mind at least images of Vikings, particularly "Jomsvikings", who appear from the illustrations I've seen (and miniature representations) to be the "dandies" of the Viking world.

These descriptions contradict all other descriptions and illustrations previously published. Perhaps they refer to some fashion among the city-dwelling N'luss that distinguishes from their wilder brethren of the hills (though I would never call any N"luss tame!)

Regardless, what I was looking for was an illustration of an Aridani warrioress from one of the poorer warbands. I think this illustration fits the bill nicely.

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