Thursday, 10 February 2011

The German Connection and Real World Undergrounds...

Two of the blogs I have been following have interesting posts today.

One is Hill Cantons, which discusses Empire of the Petal Throne's role in German role playing.

The other is From the Sorcerer's Skull, who is highlighting the real Paris Underworld (beyond the Catacombs...)

This blog post refers and links to a recent National Geographic article. Be sure to check out the related story: Rome's Basement Ruins. Ditlana, anybody?

Also pay attention to the interactive map - it's small but one cool part is the reference to collapsed sections. Has anyone done a scenario where part of Jakalla (for example) has collapsed in upon the underworld beneath?


  1. Thanks for the up's. I am still a bit amazed by the story myself.

  2. I wonder when D&D was first translated into German (or any other language other than English, for that matter!?)

  3. I thought about dritlana, too, when reading that Rome piece. :)

  4. @phf
    Yeah I would like to know the same. I know that indigenous games such as Das Schwarze Auge and Midgard lord over the local market early on. After that I don't know much.

    It's funny that with all the outpouring of old school content, so little info is out there about the foreign language editions of D&D. I know that Holmes Basic was translated for instance into French. What about the others?