Saturday, 1 January 2011


Not sure if I should make any resolutions this year as we missed nearly all of last years!

We did manage to get the Tékumel Club up an running, more-or-less, with two well received releases: the Qol and the Hlutrgu. The Qol will be expanded upon and finished this year, that expansion leading into the Temple of Ksarul.

We also managed to get a number of other things started - some of which are almost at the release stage. Chief among these is the Ahoggya which is poised to be molded in the very near future. Then there are the Princess Vrisa figure, the Puppet Master Vignette and the Sacrifice Set which are all in line to be molded as we can afford them.

The Hlaka are molded and will go into general release as soon as the molds arrive from Australia. The Shen will follow shortly after.

Then there is a backlog of Yan Koryani gureks - I've published the list previously - which we will slowly work at bringing to release. Note that some of the units still need additional figures, or detail changes/additions before they can be released.

The Tsolyani are not to be neglected either: the Aridani Legion of Lady Mrissa and Mirkitani, Hero of Victories are number one to be sculpted this spring. Also, look for Tumissa Crossbowmen, Sapphire Kirtle, various Vrayani and the Kurtani (including the Legion of the Inverted Hand.) Concept Art for the N'luss and Lorun is also in the works.

A Band of Joyous Heroes and Kerdu are not forgotten. They are progressing, albeit at a snails pace.

Lastly, in the last few weeks of 2010 the idea of Painted Tékumel Miniatures sprang pretty much out of nowhere. A number of people are interested and I will be investigating this further, sending off a few test pieces to be painted and reporting on the results. If there is an interest and we can come up with a process that works I will go ahead with this.

That's about it really...probably left bits out...but that's enough of my rambling for now!

Happy New Years, Again - to you all!

Best Regards,

Howard Fielding
The Tékumel Project

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