Friday, 1 January 2010


HAPPY NEWS YEARS to all you Tékumel fans out there!

(And the rest of you as well, for that matter!) :-)

Besides the Shén and Hláka that were previewed a ways back - we have a bit more up our sleeve for the upcoming year!

Our New Years Resolutions:

1) Release the Shén and Hláka - this should happen early Spring.

2) Release the Ahoggyá - I have asked Alan Marsh, one of our UK sculptors, to develop a multi-part Ahoggyá "kit" that should allow one to make armoured and unarmoured variants with a plethora of arm choices. He was hoping to get to that between the Holidays, but no word yet. I also asked him to make some blanks to allow us to do Dháru and Vánu troops for Yán Kór, in their distinctive armour. Lastly I requested some girl slingers to finish off the Gurek of the Silver Worm. I hope to see these soon as well.

3) Release three more Gureks for Yán Kór: Rüllá, Defense Against Evil and Silver Worm - these have actually been more-or-less done for some time, only I wanted to break up all the Yán Kór stuff.

(Mind you, I hadn't really intended to go a year or more with no release but "things happen." Entirely my fault: a combination of "morale failure" and "analysis paralysis".)

4) I hope to see some individual figures from our other UK sculptor, though I have heard nothing from him in some time...

5) Rodrick Campbell, of Highlander Studios, one of our US sculptors, will be working on several projects: a "weapons and plumes" conversion set, some "Joyous Heroes" and two super-secret releases that I hope will cause a stir. :-)

6) Another US sculptor is poised to start another scheme I have which, when it comes to fruition, will see the Tsolyáni battalia substantially increased! :-)

7) Publish our skirmish rules: "A Band of Joyous Heroes". This will be done in cooperation with Two Hour Wargames. Work continues apace, though the holidays have necessitated a slight delay.

8) Publish our Big Battle rules, tentatively called "Kérdu" - or "General" - again, in cooperation with Two Hour Wargames.

And thats it!

Whew - it's going to be a busy year! :-)

Best Regards,

Howard Fielding
The Tekumel Project


  1. Plus one on the Ahoggyá! Definitely have to pick up one of those! :)

  2. Great to see some (lots!) of planned new releases. Now I just hope that I can get them in the UK!

    Ahoggya and Shen I will definitely be getting.

  3. You should be able to Special Order from Fighting 15s or order direct from Eureka.

    See this note: