Sunday, 11 July 2010

Proxies: Undead Legions

Despite it being illegal to use them in the field, the Temple of Sárku, Lord of Worms, maintains large contingents of undead soldiers. These the Imperium tolerates as long as they are restricted to the confines of Sárku's own temples or the city of Sárku itself.

What happens in the Underworld (or Tsuru’úm) is another thing altogether...

There are loads of undead figures currently available - zombies, skeletons, ghouls and the like. Practically every fantasy manufacturer makes undead of some sort. Some are nicer figures than others, of course. Some are not that well sculpted, while others have a distinctive medieval flavour or are too comic for our needs.

I have found a few that, IMO, would be suitable for Tékumel:

Viking Forge have a single pose from the old Asgard range which is quite nice. Even better, however, are the new Revenant Undead figures just released in hard plastic by Mantic Games. I haven't been too keen on the rest of the range (skinny elves) but this latest release is quite nice.

Now be aware that they have two types of skeleton foot - the ordinary skeletons and the Revenants. The difference being that the latter have more armour and fancier armour at that. This is what makes them so suitable. The armour is very ornate looking and there are lots of plumes on the helmets. There are even some exotic looking swords and axes. All-in-all there is quite a bit to give them a Tékumel "feel"!

Size-wise they are slightly tall, but not overly so. They are not bulky either so this size difference isn't so noticeable.

Overall, I like 'em and will be filling the ranks of my Sárku legions with them. Whew - another unit type I don't have to pay to have sculpted!

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