Wednesday 7 July 2010

Ahoggyá Ho!

Armoured and Unarmoured Ahoggyá "kits"

Alan sent me a scan of the completed Ahoggyá - armoured and unarmoured with multiple arm variants. I think they look very spiffy! :-)

I especially like that sword on the left, but the shield also turned out really nicely as well.

The intent is to offer them with a random assortment of arms - ideally, all different, of course.


  1. Nice!

    What would be the possibility of having the shield separate from the arm?

  2. It might be difficult to detach without damaging it - what were you considering doing? I thought about a shield to go on top the carapace, but figured "any" shield would do for that...

    (I'm not exactly certain what the significance of the shield design is - it was depicted in one of the Army books, IIRC.)


  3. This looks impressive. The kit idea is genius. These guys are not the easiest miniature to put out, but doing it in pieces so we can assemble them as desired is really a great idea. Will you toss-in a few extra bits with each one so we can better customize them? That'd be cool...

  4. I almost forgot how deadly an Ahoggya can be!
    These look much nicer than the figures I had 35 years ago!