Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sakbe Road Gallery

Ssooo... another week gone by! I had hoped to post more but as it was I awoke the morning after my last post to find I had been sat upon by a bad cold. I tried going in to work one-and-one-half days last week but eventually realized I needed the bed-rest more!

So no posts. But I did manage some work on BoJH, so it wasn't a total washout.

Today I was again reminded of the Displaced Miniatures site. In the past I have never got it to work and have always left in frustration. Today I tried uploading all the pics of our Sakbe Road model. More frustration, but I finally got it semi-working. The main problem now is I can't get the bloody gallery sorted into a coherent order. The pics are named in sequence and were uploaded in order so I don't understand the problem. Plus, there are 34 pictures, but the DM site says 39 - go figure.

Anyway, the gallery is at:

Sakbe Road

I may try and re-order it at a later date...


  1. I keep coming back to your page for ideas for my own stories and campaign. Just wondering how you progressing since '09.

  2. Hi Jörgen, Are you saying you are not seeing my recent posts? (If so, try shift+refresh to clear the cached copy.) Have you seen "The Heroes of the Age" and "Lohwand" blogs? (links at right...) They have more gaming stuff. Regards, Howard