Sunday, 20 September 2009

Home Sweet Home

Ahh...back home after a "wargamer's weekend" in the north - North Bay, Ontario, to be exact. Had a pleasant couple of days of gaming but glad to be back - for one thing I had no email and no opportunity to write anything. (And I am trying to make up for last years lack of posts!)

Visited my friend Terry Peacock, proprietor of North Bay Games and Hobbies, and gamed in his store with frequent breaks between turns to browse his well-stocked shelves!

The only Tekumel-related things accomplished: I picked up a second warmachine boxed set so as to have a full contingent as discussed previously, and also a blister of Mordhiem Amazons with a view to possible headswaps. (The poses are a little wooden but I like the hairsyles of some.)

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