Monday, 25 January 2010

The Tekumel Club - Details

I believe that we have ironed out all the details regarding the Tekumel Club. The way it will work is as follows:


The Tekumel Club is intended to offer members discounts on a range of figures to be offered direct from the Tekumel Project. The membership fees will be used to help pay sculptors to make additional Tekumel figures, and artists to prepare art for Tekumel publications. The range of figures will be called "The World of Tekumel" and will offer a variety of figures covering a wide spectrum of subjects, from creatures of the Underworld, to civilians, to the priesthoods of the Temples. The purely military range: "The Armies and Enemies of the Petal Throne" - manufactured and sold by Eureka Miniatures of Australia, will continue to expand. That range is not, however, covered by the Tekumel Club in any way.


Membership will last for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Membership will be on a graduated scale, with each level given a descriptive name and a specific discount percentage to be applied to the regular figures for sale.

In addition to the regular range, we will from time-to-time offer "Reward" figures. These figures will be available to all, but priced at a premium rate. Members will receive substantial discounts on this rate in accordance with their membership level.

Memberships are purchased by making a PayPal donation in US Dollars - for "Services" - to the Tekumel Project. The email address to be used is:

This is also the address to direct any questions that you might have.

The graduated membership scale will be as follows:

Nakome = non-member = 0% discount;
Tirikamu = $20 member = 10% discount;
Hereksa = $30 member = 20% discount;
Kasi = $40 member = 30% discount;
Molkar = $50 member = 40% discount;
Kerdu = +? member = 50% discount + negotiated;

Note: All amounts are US Dollars

The names are all ranks in the Tsolyani military, except Nakome which means "clanless". Kasi = captain, Molkar = Major and Kerdu translates as General.

Note that to qualify for Kerdu the donation must be significant. We already have an individual who wants to sponsor a legion! Our first Kerdudalikoi (Kerdudali = "Great General", "-koi" = a noble suffix) has offered to sponsor the Aridani Legion of Lady Mrissa and we have offered a suitable compensation in return.

The World of Tekumel - First Release

Our first release will be the Hlutrgu mentioned in my previous post. As stated, I have requested that the greens be ready by Cold Wars, with molding and casting to follow afterwards, hopefully in short order. I cannot, however, give a firm release date at this time. We are still working out the pricing on the coracles (as it really depends upon whether they will both fit on a mold), but I can give you our proposed pricing for the foot figures:

Note: All amounts are US Dollars

Nakome -
Individual Figure Price = $4.00;
Warband Price = $40.00;
Horde Builder Price = $30.00

Tirikamu -
Individual Figure Price = $3.60;
Warband Price = $36.00;
Horde Builder Price = $27.00

Hereksa -
Individual Figure Price = $3.20;
Warband Price = $32.00;
Horde Builder Price = $24.00

Kasi -
Individual Figure Price = $2.80;
Warband Price = $28.00;
Horde Builder Price = $21.00

Molkar -
Individual Figure Price = $2.40;
Warband Price = $24.00;
Horde Builder Price = $18.00

Kerdu* -
Individual Figure Price = $2.00;
Warband Price = $20.00;
Horde Builder Price = $15.00

* Plus negotiated bonus based upon amount donated on a case-by-case basis.

First Reward Figure: Princess Vrisa, Warrior-Princess of Saa Allaqi

Nakome -
Reward Figure Price = $12.00;

Tirikamu -
Reward Figure Price = $6.00;

Hereksa -
Reward Figure Price = $4.00;

Kasi -
Reward Figure Price = $3.00;

Molkar -
Reward Figure Price = $2.00;

Kerdu* -
Reward Figure Price = $1.00;

The concept art for the figure has been shown in previous blog posts. The figure is being sculpted by John Winter, of Tinman Miniatures, and will become available sometime around the same time as our first World of Tekumel release.

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