Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Tekumel Club: First Figures

A Hlutrgu

OK - Here's the scoop:

We're still deliberating what form the proposed Tekumel Club will take. I've passed on all my ideas to my business partner as he's an accountant - and a Federale to boot! Once he's sorted out any issues that I may have missed and given the OK, then it's a GO.

Hopefully he'll let me know today. In the meantime I thought I'd spill the beans on the first release:

The Hlutrgu - "Swamp Frogs"

The release will consist of two coracles, one with three beasties, the other five; the figures for the boats will consist of left and right paddlers, Hlutrgu with javelins and a leader/priest type.

For foot figures there will be a Leader/Priest, a drummer, a Hlutrgu w. severed head, a Hlutrgu w. captive and two with javelins.

They will be available singly; as a Warband with all four command figures and 10 with javelins; and as a Horde Builder set of 10 with javelins.

For those of you who don't know what these beasties are, suffice it to say that they are ferocious creatures that infest the coastal swamps between Tsolyanu and Salarvya. Besides raiding the settlements nearby, they periodically venture out to sea in a vast fleet of coracles in a lemming-like migration.

The Blue Room archive is a good source of information, like this story.

The figures are being sculpted by Rod Campbell of Highlander Studios. I have asked that the greens be done by Cold Wars with the intent to have them on display at his stand - with luck he might even be working at some figures from the following - secret - release as well.

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  1. Pretty neat.
    --Looking forward to getting a few.