Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Tekumel Club - Memberships

Hi All,

In response to enquiries: Yes - one can send in a membership now.
I should probably have added a bit on how to apply. (My Bad.)

I think an email to us (at the green27 address) stating one's particulars - name, address and the desired membership rank - followed by the PayPal payment - in US Dollars. Unless I am mistaken, PayPal sends both parties email receipts.

Regarding the Hlutrgu, I would hold off on orders until I can confirm more about the coracles. This shouldn't take too long, and once I have news of their size and have determined how they are to be molded, I will post the final pricing. The intent is to take pre-orders for a limited time - with pre-orders (paid in full) getting an additional 10% off.

Postage will be extra - at cost.

Canadian residents are subject to taxes as required by Law.

Howard Fielding
The Tekumel Project

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