Tuesday, 19 May 2020

An Array of Shields

Picking shields for a customer in the UK...

These shields can be found in the Palace of the Realm, in the Tekumel Club shop. 

Left Column:
Tek-Shield-1  "Laughing Man"
Tek-Shield-10  "Shouting Goddess"
Tek-Shield-12  "Horse Eater"
Tek-Shield-13  "Demon"
Tek-Shield-16  "Bat"

Middle Column:
Tek-Shield-11  "Maiden Guard"
Tek-Shield-5  "Mother's Guard"
Tek-Shield-2  "Princess Guard"
Tek-Shield-14  "Succubus 1"
Tek-Shield-15  "Succubus 2"

Right Column:
Tek-Shield-7  "Serpent Guard (small)"
Tek-Shield-8  "Serpent Guard (large)"
Tek-Shield-9  "Skull Shield"
Tek-Shield-6  "Merchant"
Tek-Shield-3  "Ogre"
Tek-Shield-4  "Boar's Head"

Bottom two rows are misc Shen shields including the original design, that borne by a mercenary unit in Salarvyani service*, upper left, and - on the right - Tsolyani Shen shields**.

* as depicted in the Battle of Ry account.
** as shown in the Tsolyani Army Book.

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