Monday 5 November 2018

Dharu and Vanu Orders Open - PLEASE PRE-ORDER.

Dharu and Vanu greens (on left)

The figures shown above, representing male and female fighters from the cities of Dharu and Vanu in Northern Yan Kor have finally been moulded and are ready for production. Command are still being worked on, but the following are available to pre-order:

The Gurék of the Clan of the Red and Green Banner of Dháru
AE-YK   35   Horde (MI Halberds)   $40 CAD
AE-YK   37   Horde (Crossbows)   $40 CAD
The Gurék of the City of Vánu
AE-YK   40   Horde (HI Halberds)   $40 CAD
AE-YK   42   Horde (MI Sword and Javelin)   $40 CAD
AE-YK   44   Horde (Bows)   $40 CAD

Tekumel Club discounts apply, of course.

As always, a Horde will consist of a mix of 10 figures, either swordsmen, halberdiers, archers or with crossbows. Note that there are male and female poses. I usually do 2/3rds male, 1/3 female but can vary an order to suit.

I still have to pay for the moulding and casting - Master moulds and figures, Production moulds, inc. weapons, accessories (scabbards, quivers), and shields. And I have to pay for any castings ordered. The sculpting costs were paid long ago, thankfully.

An Appeal for Pre-Orders:

Please pre-order these now, or soon, if you are interested. 

I should have some castings on hand by the weekend and more coming by mail shortly thereafter. But I won't be able to order many castings without pre-orders, not right away at least.

Thank You!

Howard Fielding

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