Sunday, 27 May 2018

Yán Koryáni Dollies

Sculpted by Allan Marsh

Here are some of the Yán Koryáni dollies that were prepared to facilitate the production of all the figure variants. 

There are six basic pose types, based on armour type, weapon and attack mode. They are: Medium Infantry (MI) 2-handed weapon (ie. pike or halberd), Heavy Infantry (HI) 2-handed weapon, HI 1-handed thrusting (ie. spear, held under-arm). MI 1-handed thrusting, MI 1-handed cutting (ie. over-arm cutting or thrusting with spear or hand weapon), and MI 2-handed sword (inc mace or flail).

There are two male poses, differentiated primarily by the position of the legs, and one female pose (on the right) for each category. 

The so-called "Medium" armour is a chlen-hide cuirass, while scale is used to denote the "Heavy" armour. The way the Professor described the armours it is quite possible to have lighter or heavier versions of either type. He told me that the Yán Koryáni formations should be irregular; armour might be new or handed down by generations of warriors. It was to try to achieve this look - in an affordable manner - that we chose to use the helmet variants that we have. So, one could mix-and-match scale and cuirass armoured infantry within the same unit if one wanted even more variety. It might also be reflected in the way the unit is painted.

You will note that the above figures are lacking heads. Alan added the heads afterwards, using the three variants I think I mentioned in my last post. Looking at these dollies today I wondered what other purposes they could be put to. 

My goal for 2018 is to get all our Yán Koryáni back into production by the end of the year. And also those that have never been moulded or cast before. Basically all those YK listings on the Tekumel Club blog, currently in red under the "Palace of Ever-Glorious War" page,  would be shown in black and available for purchase. 

This will mean that there is a severe imbalance against the Tsolyáni. The Legion of the Lord of the Red Devastation (aka the Red D's) is still only partially ready for production. What else could be added - and in an affordable way? Can any of these dollies be utilized by the Tsolyáni? What do you guys think?

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  1. With out the distinctive Yan Koryani helmet, these are pretty useful figures; there's enough different armor types in the Tsolyani legions that can use these. I used to do a lot of 'cut-and-swap' with the Old Guard figures, for example, to get whatever legion or other unit that Phil wanted to see on the table. I'm sure you've thought of this, but looking through Armies I might help. Heck, for that matter, look at the Red-hats too... :)