Sunday, 26 November 2017

The Empire of the Petal Throne

Now available from DriveThruRPG

The latest re-release from the Tekumel Foundation is the book that started it all - at least as far as Petal Heads are concerned: Empire of the Petal Throne (EPT). Now available HERE in PDF or print form. The hardcover print version is $24.95, just shy of the price for the original boxed set. 

The original boxed set came with a comb-bound rule book, a large double-sided map of Tekumel, and a colour map of the city of Jakalla. In addition to the main rules, this re-print has:

"... a four page set of charts and tables, errata for the original game, a map of the City of Jakalla, a b&w map of the Five Empires, and a citizenship document for Tsolyanu, the Empire of the Petal Throne!"

Note that the original world maps and Jakalla city maps are available separately for $8 and $4 respectively.

Out of curiosity I did a search to find out how much $25 spent in 1976 would be worth today. According to my source, the value in present day US dollars is $108.75 - per the screen-cap above. 
So I'm thinking this reprint is a pretty good deal!

Reviews from R'lyeh has a recent review of the new version.


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