Saturday, 2 September 2017

Hokún Incoming!

Shapeways informed me earlier this week that the test prints of DAD Hokún have been shipped - yay! I'm looking forward to seeing how the "Frosted Extreme Detail" turns out. The sad part is, that if they are really nice, the expense is going to be high.

OTOH, how many Hokún does one really need? In the fluff, they are stated as sometimes ruling over humankind and as hunting them for sport. If we are talking about adventurers encountering the Hokún then we are probably talking about meeting a hunting party or perhaps an expedition that is far from home. In the latter case it might conceivably have a moderate to substantial human or other non-Hokún component. Warriors, bearers, etc; as slaves or sub-ordinates in any case. If you want to do a wargame using Hokún then a similar idea might be used: a relatively small core of Hokún comprising the command and elite elements, with a large component of subjugated human minions. Or sub-humans, perhaps?

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